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Coconut Pancakes

By admin | Health , Nutrition , Obesity , Recipes , Weight Loss

Shhh… A #JayApproved Recipe That Even The Kids Will Enjoy New #JayApproved Recipe In The Books…. If you’re anything like me and have always loved the smell of hot pancakes cooking in the morning, this is the recipe for you. ​ These #JayApproved low carb, fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes are perfect for indulging on a slow Sunday […]

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Tired of Eating BORING Broccoli? This #jayapproved Meal Is Going To Make Your Whole Family Happy

By admin | Diabetes , Fitness , Health , Nutrition , Obesity , Recipes , Uncategorized , Weight Loss

NEW #JayApproved Recipe In The Books…. Almond Crusted Salmon with a side of Broccoli Mash One of our super easy to make recipes that will be perfect for you and the entire family to enjoy. I was surprised of how easy and quick this recipe was to make. From start to finish I was able to eat […]

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The Gift of Adversity with my guest Marcus Anderson

By admin | Mindset

Episode 23 of the Thrive Forever Fit Show is going to blow your mind. Click on one of the options below to listen NOW. iTunes Spotify Anchor Marcus Aurelius Anderson is a Bestselling author, TEDx Speaker, Keynote Speaker, US Army Veteran, lifelong Martial Artist and High-Performance Mindset Coach to entrepreneurs who are Leaders, CEO’s and […]

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