​The 3 minutes that changed my life

I start every day by writing down three things that I am grateful and thankful for in my life.

Some days is BIG stuff and others it’s as simple as the sunshine on my face.

This whole process takes me 3 minutes or less.

If you don’t have 3 minutes to be grateful and thankful, you don’t have a life.

I’ve had many people tell me, “I’m already thankful for stuff, so I don’t need to write it down.”


Writing it down has power. Writing it down gives it a realness that just thinking it doesn’t.

So if you’re a thankful thinker, take it one step further and start writing it down every morning.

I promise it will change everything for you.

Fact: It’s impossible to be negative, angry or upset when you are in a state of gratitude.

Challenge: For the next 10 mornings write down three things you’re grateful and thankful for in your life.

You can write them in your journal. Or if you want to take it a step further and get others in your life involved post it on Facebook tag them in and use the hashtag #thrivethankful.

This is a GREAT new ritual to begin as we finish out 2016 and move into an amazing 2017.

Let me know if you’ll accept this challenge.

Make today GREAT – Jay