🥞Protein Pancakes That Will Blow Your MIND!!

Pancakes are a good idea any time of the day 🥞


Especially when they’re light, fluffy and only include 3 ingredients!


Grab your favorite pancake mix and a scoop of Thrive Elite Vanilla Protein, and you’ve got yourself a protein stacked meal to enjoy any time of the day👌🏻


WATCH the quick step-by-step video on how to make it here: https://youtu.be/wje1d6v8pZU


Here’s what you’ll need:

🥞 1/2 Cup of Your Favorite Pancake Mix (We used Birch Benders)

🥞 1 Scoop of Thrive Vanilla Protein (makes it extra fluffy)

🥞 1/2 Cup of Water

Order Your Thrive Elite Vanilla Protein HERE: https://www.thriveforeverfit.com/store/



1. Combine all ingredients in a medium-sized bowl.

2. Heat up and grease your pan.

3. PRO TIP: Use a 1/4 cup measuring scoop to scoop the batter onto the pan.

4. Fry until perfectly golden brown

5. Top with your favorite sugar-free syrup (we recommend Lakanto’s Maple Syrup) and ENJOY❤️


Cheers to making healthy eating simple and delicious!🎉


❤️ ~ Jay


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