12 Days of Gratitude ~ Day One ~ Me

Episode 114: 12 Days of Gratitude ~ Day One ~ Me


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As 2020 comes to an end, I’ve decided to do something slightly different with my podcast.


I’m doing what I’m calling the 12 Days of Gratitude.


Everyday starting December 13th and ending on December 24th ~ I’m going to drop an episode chatting with people that I have extreme gratitude for in my life.


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I’m going to ask two simple questions:


#1 How have you found gratitude during such an externally chaotic time?

#2 How has gratitude served you this year?


Here’s who you can look forward to listening to for the next 12 DAYS:

  • Day 1 with ME on Sunday, December 13th
  • Day 2 with Lori Crete on Monday, December 14th
  • Day 3 with Mom on Tuesday, December 15th
  • Day 4 with Tommy Baker on Wednesday, December 16th
  • Day 5 with Tony Whately on Thursday, December 17th
  • Day 6 with Lance Essihos on Friday, December 18th
  • Day 7 with Marissa Hinchman on Saturday, December 19th
  • Day 8 with Mike Young on Sunday, December 20th
  • Day 9 with Kim Bauman on Monday, December 21st
  • Day 10 with Jerry Nettuno on Tuesday, December 22nd
  • Day 11 with Taylor Stone on Wednesday, December 23rd
  • Day 12 with… It’s ME Again! on Thursday, December 24th


The purpose of the 12 Days of Gratitude is to bring a positive and powerful close to a chaotic year.


I hope you can find a more profound sense of gratitude within yourself after hearing these powerful messages from my friends.


Thanks for listening to the Thrive Forever Fit Show!


❤️~ Jay


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