13 Things To Give Up In 2022

Episode 189: 13 Things To Give Up In 2022


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Happy 2022 Fam! We are going to have the most awesome abundance filled year of our lives. How? We are going to give up 13 things that are holding us back from our greatness!

13 Things To Give Up In 2022

#1. Negativity (From Yourself and Others)
#2. Drama (From Yourself and Others)
#3. Self Doubt
#4. Comparison (Social Media Fugazi)
#5. Programmed Fear
#6. Judgement (Of Yourself and Others)
#7. Procrastination
#8. Perfectionism
#9. Attention Seeking Behavior
#10. Manipulation
#11. Quitting On Yourself
#12. Excuses
#13. Settling For Average


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❤️~ Jay


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