21 Reasons Why YOU Won’t Change

Episode 130: 21 Reasons Why YOU Won’t Change

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#1: You’re In Love With The IDEA & THE DREAM More Than The Process


#2: Your Lack Of Clarity ~ You’re so busy focusing on the wrong things that you have no clarity on the real stuff.


#3: You Get Lost In The HOW ~ You get derailed in the details.


#4: You’re Not Willing To Let A Part Of Yourself “Die” ~ You are programmed to take familiarity over being uncomfortable ~ BURN THE BOAT.


#5: You’re Not Willing To Drop The Ego


#6: You’re Consuming Way Too Much Free Information ~ OVERCONSUMPTION ~ Free can create a spark, but it will never last. If you’re consuming things without taking massive action, then it’s a waste of your time.


#7: You Have BIG plans, But When It Comes Time To Execute, The Size Of Your Dream Blocks Your Vision ~ “Little Hinges Swing Big Doors.”


#8: You’re Relying On PASSION & MOTIVATION


#9: You’re In The Wrong Environment


#10: You’re Hanging In The Wrong Crowd ~ Misery & Quitters love company, “The Tiny Anchor can keep the Big Yacht from moving.”


#11: You’re Trying To Make It Perfect. Perfectionism Is FEAR In Disguise ~ Imperfect Action Trumps The Perfect Plan Every Time.


#12: You’re Waiting For Someone To Save You. The Truth Is No One Is Coming To Save You Because You Are Your Savior ~ You’re the problem, but you’re also your solution.


#13: You’re Waiting For The “RIGHT TIME.”


#14: You’re Simply Not Willing To Commit ~ Everyone who has a plan B is always going to revert to Plan B. The only way to conquer the island is to burn the boat.


#15: You’re Rolling Solo ~ Rolling solo is cool until you’re stuck forever.


#16: You’re Setting Goals, But Not Systems ~ All we are as humans is our standards, habits & rituals


#17: You’re Using The Law Of Attraction As An Excuse Not To Do The Work


#18: You Feel Entitled To Results Because You Started


#19: You’re Trying To Get 100% Results With 70% Effort


#20: You’re Too Comfortable To Create The Urgency You Need For The Results You Desire ~ BLISSFULLY DISCONTENT


#21: You’re Saying YES To Distractions


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