3 Reasons You’re Struggling To Lose Weight

Episode 236: 3 Reasons You’re Struggling To Lose Weight


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Hello beautiful humans, thank you for listening and supporting the Thrive Forever Fit Show. It truly means the world to me that you take time out of your precious day to listen to me ramble and rant about things I found entertaining, engaging, and meaningful.


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Hello Beautiful People!


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My intention with today’s message is to help you ditch the dieter’s mindset and those dreaded diets forever. My mission is to show you how to lose weight without dieting, deprivation, or starvation. Instead, I want to show you how to live and thrive within a F.L.E.X.ible lifestyle system for the rest of your life.


For those who don’t know me, and maybe this is your first time hearing me speak, my name is Jay Nixon. I’m the creator of the Thrive Forever Fit F.L.E.X. program, the owner of Thrive Fitness Studio, and the Thrive Elite Supplement line. I’ve written two best-selling books: The Overweight Mind and The Purpose of Pain. I’ve had the opportunity to speak on stage and in front of people all over the world, spreading the message of weight loss and optimal health.


I tell you all of that so that you fully understand I’m committed to helping people just like you live the life of wellness they desire and deserve. Let’s jump in and create positive momentum for your weight loss wellness journey.


Current Society Belief: If you eat healthy foods, you must be on a diet.


Example: Fast foods, high sugar food like products from boxes and bags are considered normal. Eating a high-quality protein like steak, chicken, or fish combined with 1/2 an avocado and some greens is considered radical deprivation, and you must be trying to lose weight.


Truth: We need a mindset shift and not a new fad diet I’m not here today to tell you how to DIET ~ I’m actually going to try to do the exact opposite. I intend to convince you that you never need to diet again. Then, if I do my job today, you will understand that you can create a lifestyle in which food is simply a small part and in which eating and losing weight no longer have control over you. The truth is that diets don’t and haven’t worked for a very long time. If they did, you would not be in the situation you’re in now because I guarantee that you have tried at least one diet in your lifetime and most likely up to 5 or more trying some multiple times.


There are three reasons we struggle with weight and weight loss, and none require a diets to correct.


Reason #1: We Eat Too Much Food. According to recent studies, people underestimate the number of calories consumed by 25 to 50%. Studies show again and again that we humans have a great tendency to underestimate what we have eaten during the day and tend to minimize the calories in the foods that we eat.


Often individuals seeking to lose weight are asked to keep a food diary before starting. While some people find that recording their intake is an excellent way to increase awareness of food consumed, others tend to feel embarrassed or guilty about recording everything they eat and so will underreport specific foods or amounts (e.g., the number of cookies or chips). Others say that recording food intake is simply too much effort, especially if it requires weighing and measuring foods. Still, others have difficulty knowing what a standard serving size is.


Many studies utilize dietary recall. Unfortunately, many contain inaccuracies and probable sugar-coating of actual consumption. Indeed, it seems that most of us underestimate our intake. According to a study at Cornell University, everyone does it. “Normal weight” people underestimate calorie intake by about 20 percent, and overweight people underestimate by about 40 percent. Other sources say it’s more like 50 percent.


Reason #2: We Eat Too Often. The average person starts eating within 30 minutes to an hour of waking up and doesn’t stop until 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed.


Based on the most recent data, the average person wakes up a 6am and goes to bed a little before midnight ~ that is 18 hours of being awake and based on the 30/30 ratio mentioned above, that is 17 hours of active feeding time which allows for less than 6 hours of complete fasting per day. The ratio is entirely backward.


Several famous diets ~ and I use the word famous not because they are good for you or successful but based on the celebrity endorsements and high marketing budgets that come with them are based on 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. They built these diets this way because they understood the average person is going to overeat, and they might as well trick them into thinking they are doing good as long as they follow the diet’s instructions.


All they do is hire a new celebrity or doctor to endorse the diet and give it a new trendy name. The results are always the same, you spend a ton of money, get zero support or accountability, and then you get frustrated and quit ~ and rightfully so!


Reason #3: We Eat The Wrong Combination Of Foods. This one always shocks people. The first two are rather obvious, but this one requires a little science and understanding of how the body processes food. I promise to keep it simple and easy to understand.


Let’s use the ZONE Diet as our example ~ but you could replace zone with about 95% of the others being crammed down your throat, and the data would be the same.


The Zone Diet prescribes that you consume 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. The first glaring issue is the 30% protein, but I will wait to touch on that as it’s not even the worst part of this diet.


Let’s look at the 40% Carbohydrates and 30% Fat ~ and remember from earlier that everyone and I mean everyone, underestimates their calorie and percentages, so we know these will get easily miscalculated at the end of the day.


Here’s the MAJOR flaw in this diet. They are prescribing two competing FUEL sources in virtually the same ratio. So we have two fuel sources that we use for energy.


One of those is Carbohydrates ~ Your body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose. Glucose or blood sugar is an energy source for your body. Glucose can be used immediately or stored in the liver for later use. That storage is where the issues begin, but more on that in a minute.


The other fuel source for your body is fat ~ Your body process fat in the following way: triglycerides must first be broken down by hydrolysis into their two principal components, fatty acids, and glycerol. In my opinion, fat gets a bad rap based on its name alone. It’s the very thing that everyone wants to lose, but it’s essential to our health. The namers should have gone with Fueldrates or Fueltein to give it a fair shake.


You’ve all heard of Ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead. Here’s where an issue arises ~ I’m going to use an easily understood analogy to explain why consuming two competing fuel sources in high percentages is a major problem for the body. The word competing is critical. The reason behind that is the body cannot process and burn both fuel sources simultaneously, creating the necessity for storing energy, more commonly referred to as body fat storage.




The above-mentioned nutritional intake prescription would be equivalent to your mechanic telling you to go to the gas station and fill your car with half regular gasoline and half diesel.


Mind-blowing crazy, right!?!? Nobody would do that, and you’d fire your mechanic immediately because that would ruin your engine, and your car wouldn’t run.


By focusing on these three reasons combined with the right level of support, accountability, and coaching, you will never need to start another diet, and you’ll be able to create a healthy lifestyle that you can live with forever.


Bonus Mindset Tip: Stop focusing on what you can’t eat and start focusing on what you can eat to help your body thrive. The truth is that there are no bad foods, only bad decisions based on your current situation.


I don’t believe in starvation or deprivation, as they have proven themselves time and time again to be failing formulas. I know navigating a weight loss journey can be overwhelming and downright confusing, so I’d love to offer you a few levels of assistance and support. As a thank you for watching/listening today, I’d like to offer you a  FREE 7-Day Jumpstart Guide  of your choice:


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