You Can Booze and Still Lose (Weight)!

The Low-Carb Cocktail Handbook is a collection of low-carb, low calorie and low sugar cocktail recipes that taste amazing without all the empty calories that cause weight gain!


I decided to write The Low-Carb Cocktail Handbook after many years of being asked the same question, “what alcoholic beverages can I drink and still be in great shape”.  Even though I am fitness and nutrition fanatic, I still enjoy a cocktail and like to have a good time.  I started experimenting with my own cocktails in order to make them as low calorie and low sugar as possible.  I found by replacing certain ingredients with healthier lower calorie alternatives that you could have the same delicious tasting cocktail without all the calories.  *As a bonus I also noticed that by removing all the sugary high carbohydrate ingredients, I also removed the frequency of the dreaded hangover.  The sugars and carbohydrates accelerate the dehydration process and exacerbate the hangover.



The Low-Carb Cocktail Handbook – “you can booze and still lose” is a collection of 30 of my favorite cocktail receipes made in a low-carb and low-calorie manner.  They taste great without all of the empty calories usually found in alcholic beverages.

Recipes include:
*My award winning Low-Carb Jalapeño Margarita
*Z’s Refreshing Cucumber Cocktail (Thanks Zac)

*The Low-Carb British Rickshaw
*The DLC

I hope everyone enjoys The Low-Carb Cocktail Handbook!  Get you copy today at:

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