4th of Jay-ly Challenge – Jay Nixon | Daily Thrive: Workout of the Day

#dailythrive Episode 05: 4th of Jay-ly Challenge – Workout of the Day


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Hello Team, it’s Daily Thrive Workout Time!!!!


You are going to absolutely HATE…. I mean, LOVE this workout. 🤣


And PLEASE don’t judge me from crying in the middle of the video. I had something in my eye. 😢


Grab a buddy and give this Special Holiday Workout a run.


Make sure you pay attention trivia question answers so you can win a FREE Thrive t-shirt or tank. 👕


After you crush the challenge, leave me a comment below and tell me your favorite part.


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Thanks for watching!


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4th of Jay-ly Challenge

21/10: 21 Reps with 10 Cals Assault Bike Between Each Move

Ball Over The Shoulder

Ball Slams

Kettlebell Swings


KB Deadlift

Donut Step Up Devils Press