The 5 Digit Code that Could Save Your Life

The little sticker on fruits and vegetables is more important than you think.  The number on that sticker will tell you whether it is safe to eat or not.  Knowing these codes just might save your life!

I know I am being a bit dramatic using a life and death scenario when talking about fruits and veggies, but I want you to understand the importance of knowing how your food is grown.  Over your lifespan the cumulative effect of ingesting genetically modified foods and foods covered in pesticides will have an impact on your health.

Know the Codes:

  • Organically Grown:  five digit code starting with the #9
  • Genetically Modified (NOT GOOD for YOU):  five digit code starting with the #8
  • Conventionally Grown (Contains Pesticides – Not Good):  four digits (any four digit #)


Health and Happiness,


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