Aggressive Patience

Episode 248: Aggressive Patience

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In today’s episode I discuss the idea/concept of “Aggressive Patience” ~ TY to Andy Frisella for initiating the thought process.


I don’t know if this will make any sense, but here ya go ~ brain dump by Jay:


The aggressive pursuit of success (goals, dreams, purpose, happiness, wealth, health, positive connections: AKA what I refer to as ABUNDANCE)… Coupled with the peace of mind that I’m on the right path with the right people pursuing my purpose and that my vision for my life is so big it’s going to take time (the patience piece of the puzzle).


And during that “time,” I can find/have fulfillment in the journey/process, knowing that what I desire is a moving target based on the expansion of thoughts, abilities, resources, and opportunities.


So as I grow, it also grows with me. And based on this belief system, I will never truly reach “that place” in time because it is infinite in its scoop, but so are the rewards of being on the path, so it’s a net positive outcome.


I think it’s my rationale for doing everything I can to be successful and wondering if it is enough and the logic of knowing that true greatness takes time and patience ~ and the belief that my life as it stands today is abundant and awesome. This might be the conundrum of all that seek more ~ not sure, but I suppose the certainty of being uncertain keeps me wanting more.


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❤️~ Jay


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