Avoid The Holiday Hangover (And It’s Not What You Think…)

Episode 62: Avoid The Holiday Hangover (And It’s Not What You Think..)

In this episode, I’m going to give you the strategies you need to avoid the Holiday Hangover.

If you listen and apply these tips, this will be the most stress-free holiday season you’ve ever had – I PROMISE.

Power Takeaways from this Episode: 

1.The average person gains between 5 and 13 pounds from Halloween to New Years Day.
2. It’s 100% ok to only see and interact with your family in moderation over the holidays. Time doesn’t = LOVE. 
3. Movement is essential to your happiness. Moving your body triggers positive, happy chemicals in your brain, which will make your holiday experience jolly and fun. 
4. Money – This is a no-brainer, commonsense statement but don’t spend money you don’t have to buy people things they don’t need. Gifts don’t = LOVE. 
5. Booze – Listen, I enjoy a glass or two of wine as much as the next person, so I’m not saying don’t drink. I’m simply suggestion mindful consumption and moderation. 
6. Overwhelm and Anxiety – This is the #1 thing I hear, “the holidays are so stressful.” WHAT?!?!? The holidays meant to be a ton of joy, laughter, and love. See them and treat for what they are and not the made-up overspending over-consuming nightmare we’ve created them to be. 

Follow my tips and strategies, and this will be the best holiday season of your life.

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Thrive Forever Fit Team