Awesome Workout In 10 Minutes. Don’t Believe Me Try It!



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“IT’S TIME.” (said in Bruce Buffer voice) to get up, get moving and use my latest


#dailythrive workout to MAXX OUT (shoutout to my coach Ed Mylett who is super jacked himself) in ONLY 10 MINUTES.


Yes, you can get a great workout in only 10 minutes. It’s all about intensity and effort.


Plus, you’re gonna watch my use weights that only range from 26 to 5 pounds.


Episode 07: Awesome Workout In 10 Minutes.


Don’t Believe Me Try It!


My PROMISE: if you do this workout and give it your best effort and you’re not tired and PUMPED, I will do 1000 burpees and film the whole thing!


Comment below when you’re finished with the session and let me know if you loved it. And most importantly, SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON.👊🏼


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Cals Row

Single Arm KB Power Clean to Press

Bar Front Raises

DB Side Lateral Raises