Becoming Iconic With Kris Whitehead

Episode 154: Becoming Iconic With Kris Whitehead


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In this week’s episode, my guest Kris Whitehead and I discuss winning, success and what it takes to become iconic.


Kris believes that we don’t need more accountability groups. We need more WARRIORS in the fight. We need LEADERS who are willing to come together for a common cause… other than filling their bellies.


Here is a message from Kris’s website that I was so powerful it needed to be shared:


“Because we are living in a world that desperately needs leaders. NOT the fictionalized heroes, social media magnates, media-crazed whores, or peddlers of junk food/feel good personal development.


We live in a time where grass roots leaders need to come together, in an alliance, to help one another understand how to connect, influence, and grow personally and together.


We need to shed the persona of “Plastic Jesus”, and stand fully in our commitment to integrity…in our personal understanding of faith, our families and friends, our willingness to focus on health, as well as our commitment to grow our businesses beyond financial success only for ourselves.


In my journey this past year, during ‘Rona, I joined forces with other business leaders from around the US. First hand, I saw the raw, unbridled power of a group of business leaders who simply do not allow exterior circumstances dictate their personal trajectory.


I am grateful to be involved both locally and in my travels, with other like-minded people who continue to hold themselves to personal standards far above the norm.


We broke business records even during the pandemic…


We chose to come together as a family…


We chose to run toward the fight instead of hide in fear…


I want to share this same opportunity with you.


It isn’t for everyone, and it especially isn’t for the weak of heart.


Although the group will help you no matter what stage of business development you’re in, its’ design is for those who are willing to do the work required to make a serious impact on their personal finances or those who already are.


This group is for LEADERS.


By its very definition, it’s for Leaders who are in pursuit of living life to the fullest, surrounded by like-minded people who encourage you to GO FOR IT…instead of judging you for it.”


Grab a pen and paper as I know you’re going to want to do some heavy note taking during our chat.


Thanks for listening!


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❤️ ~ Jay


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