The Benefits of Kre-Alkalyn!

Kre-Alkalyn is the revolutionary new Creatine technology that is changing the way the world approaches Creatine supplementation. Kre-Alkalyn is the only Creatine that has a U.S. Patent (#6,399,661) for stability and purity, making Kre-Alkalyn the only Creatine product that is guaranteed to reach the muscle completely intact!

The secret behind Kre-Alkalyn is the patented molecular buffering process that allows the Creatine to stay 100% stable all the way to the muscle. This buffering is the pH-correct technology that raises the pH level of Creatine above 12.0 where all destruction into useless Creatinine stops.

Kre-Alkalyn is the only Creatine in the world able to use this patented pH-Correct Technology, making Kre-Alkalyn the only Creatine guaranteed to stay 100% stable all the way to the muscle cell. Finally, there is an alternative to all the bloating, cramping, and other side effects associated with traditional creatine supplementation: Kre-Alkalyn.

Kre-Alkalyn is the only Creatine guaranteed not to convert in liquids, making it up to ten times more powerful than ordinary Creatine. Kre-Alkalyn owes this pure power to its patented pH-Correct technology which protects it from degrading to Creatinine.

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