Climb Details From Team Jordan!!!

We apologize for the lack of details over the past 48 hours, but we were travelling light and we wanted to preserve our Inmarsat satellite phones to ensure we could call the whole way.

As I’m sure you noticed, the team changed the schedule and moved everything up one day.  We punched through a “breezy” day to get to camp 2, where again…we modified our plans to hopefully achieve a quiet, non-crowded route.  We planned a 5:30 pm start from Camp 2 and planned to skip Camp 3, only stop to change out oxygen bottles.  Our sherpas had planted some there 4 days prior. We stopped briefly at midnight and then it was onto the summit.
When we arrived, we had the entire north face to ourselves, just our team.  Near excellent conditions, light snow falling, and a pace and efficiency above what we could have expected.  Everything went as planned.

So it’s all true, everything you’ve seen and read.  Jordan not only climbed Mt. Everest, but he climbed with unbelievable strength and skill.  When we arrived, here’s what Jordan said:

“Hello mom, it’s your son calling from the top of the world, everything’s ok. I did it.”, as Jordan shielded himself from the wind at 29,035.

Right now the team is back at the relative warmth and comfort at 21,000 of ABC.

More to come after we load the yaks…
Team Jordan