Climbing to the TOP of the World… 13 Years Old!!!

I spent yesterday up in Big Bear California with Jordan Romero and his family.  Jordan is on a quest to be the youngest person ever to climb the 7 summits of the World.  This means Jordan will climb the 7 highest mountains on all seven continents.  The current record is held by a 17 year old.  Jordan is going to destroy that record by more than a few years.  Jordan has already climbed 5 of the 7.  He and his team leave of April 5th to climb Mount Everest.  After completion of Everest only Mount Vinson in Antarctica will stand in the way of the record.  Jordan’s team is made up of his dad Paul Romero (Professional Adventure Racer) and his step-mom Karen Lundgren (Professional Adventure Racer).  Jordan, Paul and Karen are clients of mine and newly found friends!

I must say after spending the day with Team Jordan yesterday, I have a renewed faith in world being full of GREAT people.  Jordan, Paul and Karen are 3 of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of being around.  I truly feel like I have 3 new friends.

I was in Big Bear to do a photo shoot with my good friend and professional photographer Marc Serota.  You can see Marc’s work at  Marc has photographed some of the most iconic events in the world.  He shoots all the major sporting events from the Super Bowl to the World Series and renowned as one of the best in the business.  We were there shooting for Omega XL –  Omega XL is one of Jordan’s sponsors for the Mount Everest expedition.  Omega XL is the world strongest all natural anti-inflammatory.  Team Jordan will use it daily to prevent inflammation and speed recovery.

Marc and I arrived in Big Bear to spend the day with Jordan, Paul and Karen.  We photographed and videoed them throughout the day.  We were able to watch them workout.  They did an intense series of plyometrics and Jordan performed a stair master workout with 45 pounds on his back.  Remember he is 13!!!  I was very impressed.

After working out they invited us into there home and treated us like old friends.  We were able to take photos and videos documenting everything about Team Jordan.  Marc and I both felt like it was one of the best days we had spent in a long time.

Here are some details about Jordan:

In 2005, Jordan Alexander Romero, a nine year old from Big Bear Lake, CA decided he wanted to climb the 7 Summits. At the age of 10, Jordan reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. He became the youngest American to reach the summit and the youngest to reach the summit via the steep and difficult Umbwe route. That was just the start of his quest. He has climbed 5 of the 7 summits and also the 8th summit which is an additional summit in the quest.

10 years old: Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa (World Record Youngest American to Summit)
10 years old: Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia
11 years old: Mt. Aconcagua, South America (World Record Youngest to Summit)
11 years old: Mt. McKinley, North America (Tied Record for Youngest to Summit)
13 years old: Cartensz Pyramid, Oceania (World Record Youngest to Summit)
Jordan will climb Mt. Everest this spring to become the youngest person in the World to stand on the summit of the World’s highest peak. Then, in the winter of 2010, he will head to Antarctica for the final summit, Mt. Vinson.

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