Creating A Winning Mindset with Nate Bailey

Episode 168: Creating A Winning Mindset with Nate Bailey


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In this week’s episode, Nate and I what it takes to create a winning mindset.


A little bit about Nate:


Nate is a natural leader and a speaker who knows how to impact and reach an audience.


He is a best selling author with three books as well as an entrepreneur. He has built multiple successful businesses in the areas of Insurance and Real Estate. He recently fulfilled his long-time dream of selling his insurance agency to follow his dream of being a full-time coach.


Nate was a Lieutenant, serving our country in the United States Army. As a Platoon Leader during the Operation Iraqi Freedom, Nate was charged with the safety and leadership of 42 soldiers as they served our country in Kuwait.


Nate has a simple philosophy on life – “live you what you teach.” Nate sees what needs to be done and he does it. He pushes his teams to the max and he makes sure he’s always leading from the front by pushing himself one step beyond.


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