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Yuck! Why Do I Love This Stuff? Enduro Shark CRM- Review.

Do you Remember Susan Boyle?

The English woman who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.  When she walked out onto the stage, the audience and judges all began to giggle at her chubby, mono-brow awkwardness, until she began to sing.

When she sang  everything changed.  The unattractive, awkward woman that everyone was  quick to judge as a loser was actually an amazing talent, with a great voice that made it to the finals and now has a #1 selling CD.

It was the ultimate case of judging a book by its cover, which is lot like  Enduro Sharks CRM Recovery Matrix Formula(CRM-short for cellular recovery matrix). At first glance, sniff and taste, my immediate thought was “why in the world would anyone want to put this grool into their body?

It is kelp green, smells like wet grass and the taste, well, at first, not what I would call great.  However, that’s the point.  CRM Recovery Matrix Formula is packed with so many things that are good for you, masking it with some generic flavor would take away from the goal of amazing nutrition.

It is a bold statement to make a super food that doesn’t mask the taste, but CRM stands up that statement without any problems.

Inside Triathlon says, “If a company says its super-food supplement is appetizing, it’s either lying, or the only taste-testers were rabbits and other rodents that like to eat foliage off the ground. We give props to Enduro Shark for not making any outrageous claims about the taste of CRM. We also give it props for making a super-food supplement on steroids (figuratively speaking).”

I agree. The stuff works, and works well.  For the past several years, I have been a human test lab, ingesting all kinds of gels, pills and recovery this and that, some good, some not so good.CRM is the single best recovery product I have ever used.

I tested it for 5 months, using it for 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off.  At first some of it could have been the placebo effect of a new product, but I noticed that not drinking CRM left me more achey, tired and more sore that when I did drink it continually.  It ain’t science but it worked for me.

Why wouldn’t it work.  The stuff was produced by endurance athletes working with nutritionists who are also endurance athletes, for, you guessed it, endurance athletes.

This is the graduate level course on super food and nutrition, no rappers on the label, no pro. golfers hawking it in commercials, just kick ass nutrition, turbo charged to keep you going and going.

As far as the taste, even that initial shock goes away.  I compare it to the first time I tasted beer, coffee or red wine, the initial reaction wasn’t delightful, but after a while, I found myself enjoying the taste and wanting more.  I now crave CRM after a workout, like I crave my first 7 cups of coffee in the morning.

If you’re looking to amp your nutrition to the next level and give your taste buds a kick in the pants, then click here to check out CRM.

Does Your Superfood Do This?

CRM Highlights From Their Web Site:

  • Super Antioxidants* (Increase bodies ability to RECOVER)
  • Decreases Free Radical Production* (cellular damage caused by the stress of training)
  • Promotes Wellness*
  • Strengthens Immune System* (keeps your immune system strong during intense training/racing)
  • Boost Energy & Metabolism* (natural energy production)
  • Helps Decrease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Endurance Athletes* (caused by tired immune system)
  • Promotes Normal Interferon Levels*
  • Reduces Cholesterol and Risk of Heart Disease* (strengthen bodies natural ability to control cholesterol)
  • High Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) Source* (POWER of the antioxidants)
  • No Artificial Flavor, Preservatives or Sugar Added (nothing to drag you down)

Article Written By:  David Wallach