Eight Lessons I’ve Learned

Episode 91: Eight Lessons I’ve Learned

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In the week’s episode, I discuss the eight lessons I’ve learned during my time as a life and transformation coach.

1. There is tremendous variability in individual responses to change. 
Some clients need to work twice as hard to get half the results. This is not fair, but it’s reality.

 Many know what to do, but fail to execute. 
Being accountable to a coach, and having an objective eye helps them go from average to excellent.

I think it’s essential to define the word “objective” ~ not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

3. It’s tough to predict success because it based on 90% mindset and 10% talent.
You don’t know where a client falls in that equation until they are faced with adversity.

4. Effort trumps talent in the end.
I will always place my bet on effort. Talent gets bored and complacent. Effort always has something to prove.

5. Many overestimate the importance of the perfect plan and underestimate the importance of brutal consistency. 
I’ll take the 80% plan for ten years, over the 100% plan you anguish over, never figure out, and never start.

6. Twenty-five years in the weight loss and fitness world has taught me this:
Intelligent people can often be their own worst enemy. They know just enough about a lot of things to make them dangerous. For example, they will go to extreme measures to find a hack or cutting edge idea that makes them feel like they have outsmarted the system. When in actuality, all they are doing is avoiding the boring, dull, challenging, yet highly effective BASICS that actually work.
Reminder: It is the commitment and consistency to the daily routine that yields the win. (Little Hinges Swing Big Doors)

7. The #1 transformation progress killer is anxiety/stress.
It leads to questioning the plan and eventually quitting it altogether.


The best advice for diminishing anxiety and stress is to avoid focusing on deceptive short term results, such as scale weight, bullshit bio-impedance body-fat scales and scans, and other people’s highlight reels.


Focus instead on precision in the DAILY process: tracking/measuring food, movement, mindset and sleep duration, and quality.


Point being, you achieve remarkable LONG TERM results by nailing the DAILY process.


8. Striving for balance is admirable, but don’t be surprised when your progress is eclipsed by those who don’t give a shit about balance.


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