Elliptical Trainer Superset!!!

My new “buddy” Tom Vachét was kind enough to send me over a workout a few days ago.  In the email he mentioned the fact that he created it about 7 years ago and that it is the ONLY straight endurance work that any of his athletes perform.  Even more so, that Derek Fisher has used this as his exclusive endurance workout for over five years now.  All this is sounds great and I am always looking for something new to do in the gym.

I pulled up the email before heading to the gym and decided today was the day that I try the “Elliptical Trainer Superset”.  Now before I describe the workout and give my thoughts and opinions on Tom’s creation, I need to set the table.  I do cardiovascular work 6 days a week for about 45 minutes per day.  I use a variety of equipment including the treadmill, stair-master, bike, elliptical, jump-rope, etc…  You get the pitcher.  I consider myself to be in top physical condition.

My first thought after completing the workout was to call Tom and tell him that we are no-longer friends and that I would not be interested in any future workouts!  But, once I was able to feel my legs and breathe again, my anger towards Tom had turned into happiness.  It’s not often that I find a workout to be “hard”.  I failed to mention it only last 12 minutes!!!  During my 12 minutes of training, I came up with a variety of names for Tom’s creation, most of which I will not be listing here do to the poor language associated.  The name for my new favorite endurance workout is “12 minutes in Hell”.

For those interested here is the Elliptical Trainer Superset created by Tom Vachét:

  • Step onto the elliptical trainer and begin striding
  • Set to Quick Start – make no adjustments to the ramp
  • Set the resistance at a minimum of 10 – 12.  If you weigh over 200lbs., set at 12 – 13.  You should feel like you are moving against resistance, but not too much.
  • Increase stride rate to between 150 and 160 – maintain this rate
  • At the 3 minute & 45 second mark, increase resistance by 2 – from 10 increase to 12, or from 12 increase to 14
  • At the 4 minute mark increase your stride rate to 200 to 230 range, maintain for 30 second, and then drop back to the original rate of 150 to 160 range for 30 seconds
  • Repeat on the minute mark for a total of 6 intervals, then cool down by reducing resistance to start setting, decrease stride rate to 140 to 150, and finish at the 12 minute mark.

This is a hands-free, high intensity exercise.  The unstable environment created by going hands-free increases in-exercise caloric demand by 30%.  Pump your arms as though you were running.  Focus on activating your core.  Move from the hips, keeping your upper body very stable.

For a full review of the Elliptical Trainer Superset visit:  http://www.performancemgmt.org/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/theellipticaltrainersuperset.pdf

You can read all about Tom Vachét at http://www.performancemgmt.org/id1.html

Many thanks Tom for a great workout!!!