Are You An Emotional Eater?

3 Tips to Help You Break The Habit of Emotional Eating

1.  Get active instead of eating!  When you feel yourself getting ready to start stress eating get active.  Go for a walk, go to the gym, do something to get your heart rate elevated.  This will release endorphins and you will feel better without sabotaging yourself with food.

2.  Write it down!  Start keeping a journal and every time you think about stress eating start writing.  Write down how you feel and list all the reasons you have for being healthy.  This will refocus your mind away from food and keep you on target for your goals.

3.  Get an accountability partner!  This is someone you can call during those times of high stress instead of eating.  Make a pack to keep each other motivated and positive.

Bonus Tip:  Put a list of your goals right on your refrigerator and pantry doors.  This way every time you go for food you will see your goals and this will trigger you to refocus.

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Healthy and Happiness,