Enhanced Longevity and Health with Dr. Joseph Antoun

Episode 216: Enhanced Longevity and Health with Dr. Joseph Antoun


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Dr. Joseph Antoun is CEO & Chairman of the Board of L-Nutra and Member of the Forbes Business Development Council. He’s the former CEO of Health Systems Reform, a boutique consultancy aimed at improving public health by reforming health systems, management, and delivery. Prior to that, he was Director of Health Policy at the University of Chicago, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Health Systems and Reform and head of Business Development for Eli Lilly & Co. He completed his studies in Public Policy at Harvard University, in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, and his Doctorate in Medicine and Masters’ in Medical and Biological Sciences at Saint Joseph University.


Dr. Joseph Antoun always knew he wanted to help others through medicine, which is why he trained to be a physician. Eventually, he figured out that medicine was actually sick care, treating patients after their health had already declined.


Dr. Antoun wanted to be at the forefront of changing our current healthcare system of sick care to a more proactive approach, which meant taking care of our existing good health. After years of working at pharmaceutical companies and, later, focusing on public health policy, he found what he was searching for at L-Nutra, Inc., a cutting-edge nutri-technology company.


As CEO of L-Nutra, Dr. Antoun works with one of the leading global researchers in the area of longevity – Professor Valter Longo, Director of the Longevity Center at USC. Together they provide education and products to support a lifestyle that extends healthspan (years of healthy living).


In interviews, Dr. Antoun will share natural dietary and fasting measures listeners can take to enhance their overall longevity, fight age-related disease and live longer and healthier lives. He can discuss the latest scientific research and share learnings from leading scholars and publications that highlight tested measures anyone can put into practice today to positively impact their overall health.


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