The Fountain Of Youth ~ Human Growth Hormone (Dustin Baker)

Episode 213: The Fountain Of Youth ~ Human Growth Hormone (Dustin Baker)


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In this episode, I discuss the fountain of youth ~ Human Growth Hormone ~ with my special guest Dustin Baker.


Dustin Baker is the President of BioProtein Technology and creator of BioPro+. With years of experience working intimately with some of the world’s most elite professional athletes, trusted physicians, and even international private security / military personnel his passion remains the same, to help individuals maximize their physiological and cognitive potential safely. Since his 20’s Dustin has been instrumental in the product design and brand development for natural products in the professional athletics, fitness, and medical supply categories.


BioProtein Technology makes the BioPro+ suite of products, the first of its kind non-synthetic alternative to prescription HGH treatment.


Humans have been searching for the secret to longevity since the beginning of time. So, it’s no surprise that synthetic HGH treatments made their way onto the market and promised aging adults and athletes alike the fountain of youth. But, in addition to being costly and injectable, they’ve also long been associated with a laundry list of serious side effects like joint pain, swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even type 2 diabetes. Yet, there wasn’t a non-synthetic option available until now. What took so long and what does it mean for the adult population?


Topics discussed during the show: 

  • What are human growth hormones and how do they occur naturally?
  • At what age does natural production begin to drop off?
  • Does everybody eventually need HGH or treatment?
  • How do men and women respond differently to HGH treatment?
  • Are there safe synthetic HGH treatments out there?
  • What is the science behind it?
  • Why has nobody developed a non-synthetic treatment before?
  • Will it work for everyone or is there a target demographic that will benefit most?
  • Is there ever a situation where a synthetic treatment would be a better choice?
  • What are the biggest benefits for adults once they begin a BioPro+ program?
  • Is it expensive?
  • Is there a risk of abuse by bodybuilders or extreme athletes, for example?
  • How were you able to get doctors behind this product?

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