Episode 63: Diet vs. Transformation (Yes, They Are Very Different)

Episode 63: Diet vs. Transformation (yes they are very different) 

In this episode, I’m going to example the differences between a diet and a transformation. After you’ve listened I you’ll have all the tools, knowledge, and resources to make an educated decision on which one is best for you. 

Secret: There is only one correct answer. 

Power Takeaways from this Episode: 

1. Diets are based on deprivation and starvation vs. Transformation, which are built on modification and moderation. 

2. Diets have a start and stop date, which means once the stop date comes, you will revert back to your pre-start habits, which equal weight gain vs. Transformations that don’t have an end date or finish line. When there is no end date, you continue to build momentum and progress as you go. 

3. Diets are built on quick-fix gimmicks, pills, potions and lotions, and the ever-popular buzz term hack vs. Transformations, which are built on mindful, intelligent decision making through modifications and moderation. 

4. Diets might bring short term instant gratification, but it is always followed by a depressive relapse to old habits vs. Transformations, which are provide real longterm results that are sustainable for a lifetime. 

5. Diets do more harm than good by jacking up your hormone and immune systems leading to longterm side-effects and sickness vs. Transformations that improve your bodied internal systems and lead to a  healthier body inside and out. 

6. Diets lead to disease vs. Transformations, which prevent and even eradicate diseases. 

7. Diets cause anxiety and depression vs. Transformations, which improve mental health and lead to healthy, happier lives. 

So as you can clearly see, Transformation is the only logical choice. 

Get off the diet rollercoaster forever and start your Transformation today. 

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