FACT: Couples that get fit and healthy together are happier ~ it’s science!

The positive IMPACT of surrounding yourself with unconditional support and consistent accountability is life-changing. ⁣

Bobbi Jane joined the Thrive Forever Fit Transformation Program because she wanted to lose some weight ~ And as evidenced by the photos, that’s precisely what happened. ⁣

When asked about the benefits of the program, you’ll notice that what she GAINED was way more valuable than what she lost. ⁣

“Never will I consider this a “weight-loss” program. Jay and Marissa are life changers. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made, I will forever be. grateful for the dedication and love from not only our coaches but the ENTIRE Thrive Tribe.” ~Bobbi Jane

Bobbi Jane is down 30 pounds and continuing to kick butt every day.

Now it wouldn’t be fair not to mention Eddie, who is down 35 pounds since Bobbi jane joined the Program.

Yep, 35 POUNDS!

Support + Accountability = The Dynamic Duo Of Success

FACT: Couples that get fit and healthy together are happier ~ it’s science!

If you’re ready to make a life-changing transformation, then it’s time to join Bobbi Jane & Eddie and hundreds of people just like you in our award-winning Thrive Forever Fit Program.

It will be the BEST decision you’ve made in a longtime ~ I PROMISE.

Send me a message, or give me a buzz and we will get you on the road to looking and feeling better today.

Health & Happiness,

Thrive Forever Fit Team