From A Tight Size 20 To A Loose Size 2πŸ”₯

From A Tight Size 20 To A Loose Size 2πŸ”₯
OVER 130 POUNDS DOWN and a new set of clothes to go with it…
“I am proud to say I’ve lost over 130lbs since I started this journey. It blows my mind. I look back at the “before” pictures, and I thought I was doing ok and was happy. But now I see someone who was hiding from a life of true joy and abundance. The new me is on her way to a life full of joy, happiness, and true abundance.” ~ Jill Neustaeter
I am beyond proud of Jill’s strength and resilience!
Her desire to live a life of true joy, love, and abundance is something we all can be inspired by🌟
If you’re ready to experience the same magical transformation as Jill, get yourself into the Thrive Forever Fit family today.
❀️ ~ Jay

PS REMINDER: I cannot be held responsible for any positive consequences that may arise due to your fabulous appearance after completing one of my programs.😁

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