From Devastation To Destiny with Eric Dupre’

Episode 169: From Devastation To Destiny with Eric Dupre’


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In this week’s episode, Eric and I discuss using adversity to your advantage.


A little bit about Eric:


Eric J. Dupre’ is a successful infrastructure innovator, speaker, best selling author, and father of two daughters. Best know for developing solution companies/products and solving complex infrastructure problems for the wastewater industry for many years. Former co-founder and owner of Southern Trenchless Solutions a multimillion-dollar infrastructure rehab company based in Texas and co-founder of SewperCover™ composite manhole cover product. A pioneer and innovator who provides tangible solutions to existing real-world problems.


After many successful years Eric sold his construction company and become an industry consultant helping other firms with business development and quality control. In 2019 Eric publish the amazon best seller The Lost Art of Faith book. This led Eric to combining his problem-solving skills and passion for coaching others and become a life coach. Giving back by teaching others how to better manage and problem solve life’s greatest challenges is a real passion for Eric.


When not helping solve the worlds problems, Eric enjoys spending time with his two daughters, traveling, working out, watching sports, and doing anything near water. He wishes to impact the world in a big and special way some day.


Eric’s Book: The Lost Art of Faith ~ The more I dug into the deeper meaning of scripture the more I was able to decode my human behaviors and align myself with core fundamentals of living a freed life. I’d discovered that true lasting success and power came from living a right life style. I had to fight off my own human nature as well as societal norms to harness peace, love, and joy in this world.


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