From Fat Boy To Fit AF

Episode 101: From Fat Boy To Fit AF


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In today’s episode, I’m going to walk you through my journey from being called a fat boy to being one of the fittest people I know.


First, I want you to know that if you’re overweight, struggling to lose weight, or simply don’t like the way you look and feel, I understand.


I don’t just understand, I really understand.


I know the things you think about and never say.


I know how you feel after binge eating the entire bag of chips, cookies, and ice cream. I’ve done them all too.


I also know what it feels like to be shamed and bullied for being fat.


I know what it’s like to look different, feel different, and be different from everyone else.


I get you, and that’s why I do what I do.


That’s why I wrote The Overweight Mind and The Purpose of Pain.


That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to fitness.


That’s why I own a gym and why I’ve created the most inclusive, understanding, supportive lifestyle transformation program on the planet ~ Thrive Forever Fit.


My mission is to help you create a new lifestyle and build personal self-worth that leads you to live the happy life they deserve.


I hope this episode helps you see that you’re not alone and that I’m fighting with you.


Here we go!


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Jay Nixon