Don’t Go To The Grocery Store Hungry

Going to the grocery store when you are starving is a MAJOR diet saboteur.

3  simple tips to ensure a “healthy grocery store” excursion:

1. Eat consistently throughout the day.  This will prevent the “I’m starving” syndrome.

2. Always keep an emergency protein bar and/or bag of almonds in your bag or car.  This will prevent you from falling into the trap of buying things because they “look so good”.

3. If you’re a super planner (like me) pack your meals when you are on the go and keep a standby protein shake in your car.

Following these 3 simple tips will keep you from derailing your diet at the grocery store.

Protein bar recommendation: 

Quest Bar or if you want to make your own here is my special protein bar recipe:  Jay’s Homemade Healthy Protein Bars

Protein powder recommendation:

sfh Pure Whey –

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