Growing Through Adversity ~ Amanda’s 90-Day Decision

Episode 160: Growing Through Adversity ~ Amanda’s 90 Day Decision


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In this week’s episode, Amanda and I discuss the first 30 days of her journey.


Starting Weight: 193 LBS

30 Day Weigh-in: 187 LBS

Starting Waist Measurement: 37

Goal Weight: 155


Highlights of today’s episode: 

#1. Using adversity as an opportunity instead of an anchor

#2. Reacting emotionally

#3. How you see yourself and why it matters

#4. The value of having a strong accountability team

#5. So much more….


Amanda’s 90-day journey is going to be so fantastic and exciting.


Make sure you shower her with love and support!


Listen, Like, and Share so that we can all begin to heal and get back to the Thriving awesomeness of the life we desire to live.


❤️ ~ Jay


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