Healthy Ways to Post-Holiday Detox with Nutrition Guru Jay Nixon

“CBS News Story on Healthy Ways to Detox from the Holiday Splurge with Nutrition Guru Jay Nixon”

If the holiday celebrations are leaving you feeling a little bloated, tired, and heavier than usual, you’re not alone. We tend to over-indulge in sweets, carbs, and alcohol. But before you go on that crash diet or hit the gym for hours, there’s a healthy way to accomplish a post-holiday detox.

According to nutrition and health expert Jay Nixon, there are four-billion pounds of toxins in our bodies, accumulated from the environment, chemicals, and medications.

“All of those toxins are just stored in our body fat and that makes us lethargic, we’re not thinking as clearly, we don’t have as much energy, it makes us gain weight. And if your trying to lose weight it actually inhibits or slows down that process, and it makes you not lose the amount of weight you would be able to if you were actually able to detoxify. ” Nixon said.

Nixon says a few simple steps can help you get back to your pre-holiday self.

Start with getting rid of sugar, dairy, and starch, such as potatoes, and incorporate more fruits and vegetables.

“all those things can cause us to really get backed up and kind of hold onto the toxins,” Nixon says “Broccoli is great, cauliflower, spinach, kale, all of those things are really great for detoxifying, because they contain a lot of fiber, so they’ll help you cleanse.”

Prepare yourself mentally. Sugars are like an addiction. Your body will crave it, but being prepared is key.

“I always recommend planning. Planning out your meals, planning out your snacks, and just getting yourself on paper and this will make a big difference and you’ll be less likely to cheat,” Nixon added.

Make water your best friend. Hydration is the name of the game.

“You definitely need to be consuming you know eight 8 ounce glasses of water is a pretty good number,” Nixon said

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