Helping Others By Helping Yourself 

Episode 141: Helping Others By Helping Yourself 


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In this week’s episode, my guest Cara Jahnke and I discuss her journey from feeling stuck and frustrated to thriving and living in abundance.


And how the Thrive Forever Fit Lifestyle Transformation Program has helped her step out of overwhelm and into her success.


Cara’s Success Timeline: 

⭐️ Joined the Wellness Lab Launch Pad in April, 2020

⭐️ Joined IGNITE in May, 2020 at 155 LBS

⭐️ Joined Thrive Forever Fit in August, 2020

⭐️ Currently 15 POUNDS DOWN

⭐️ Certified Health Coach



✔️Joining Thrive Forever Fit and having Jay as my coach was a no-brainer once I saw how honest he was about the process of success.

✔️The importance of Core Value Alignment

✔️15 pounds lost and striving to be in the best shape of her life by her 40th birthday. It’s never too late to get super fit.

✔️Family and friends have noticed the shift in happiness and mindset.


It’s not all about fitness and food. Jay teaches you life lessons!!! How to deal with all life situations, the good, the bad, and the ugly! Jay’s values are exactly what I have wanted to create in my own life, so I knew this was the person I wanted to connect with and coach me. He had created what I so wanted in my own life (even my husband said, this is what you have been journaling about for years!!!) Jay is living and breathing it!! He is the coach I needed in my life and to also help me be able to serve and help my clients on their journey!” ~ Cara


Thanks for listening to the show.


❤️ ~ Jay


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