How I Turned My Fear Into Fearless

Episode 113: How I Turned My Fear Into Fearless


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In today’s episode, you’re going to hear a phenomenal story from my client JoJo.


Here are a few of the amazing details she’s going to dive into in this episode:


⭐️ Joined the wellness Lab Launch pad in November 2019

⭐️ Joined IGNITE 2.0 in July 2020 at 225LBS

⭐️ Joined the Thrive Forever Fit Program in August 2020

⭐️Currently at 195LBS (30 POUNDS gone in 5 months)


“I joined the Wellness Lab Launch Pad on November 2, 2019. I sat on the sidelines and wasn’t too involved. I was too scared even to join the First Ignite Challenge. After listening to The Mindset Revolution training, I decided to do Ignite 2. It has been the best decision ever. I transitioned smoothly into Thrive Forever Fit, and it has been 100 days of being committed to this process!! On October 9, I hit the 100s on the scale (Onederland). I am very close now to hitting 30 pounds. I have had ups and downs and everything in between!! Not only is my body get healthy, but so is my mind. Thank you, Jay Nixon and Marissa Hinchman. You are the best coaches ever!! Thank you, tribe!! I can’t do this without all of you and your support!”


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