How To Overcome The I Don’t Have Time Mindset

Episode 67: How To Overcome The I Don’t Have Time Mindset

In this episode, I show you how a shift in perspective, and priorities can help you with your current belief that you don’t have time.

And I use your favorite holiday ritual to guide you to your new powerful mindset ~Elf On The Shelf.

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Power Takeaways From This Episode:

1. Lessons from your Elf on the Shelf ritual

2. Planning, Timing, Scheduling are the three keys to a successful elf staging and to you being more successful in your ~ health and fitness ~ money ~ relationships.

3. You’d NEVER not move the Elf, but you’ll cancel on yourself and your goals like it’s no big deal.

4. Shifting your perspective about time from “I don’t have enough” to what I prioritize in my life always gets done.

5. Once the Elf goes back in the box for his 11-month hibernation take that same energy and prioritize your health with a solid schedule and detailed planning.

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