I’m Losing Weight and Making Money (15K)

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If you’re struggling to make changes to your health and fitness — this message is for YOU!


These 3 simple tips will help you lose weight, get healthy AND add more money to the bank💰


TIP #1: Eliminate Unnecessary Calories ~


How often do you find yourself reaching for that midday snack-snack🍿 when you’re not even that hungry?


Using myself as an example, I decided to eliminate all unnecessary calories from my daily intake for the month of April. I found myself falling into the habit of eating a protein bar and/or coconut yogurt every single day. Not because I was hungry, but because it became a habit.


This elimination will save me over 15,000 calories for the month of April. Plus, it’s going to save me hundreds of dollars💸


TIP #2: Increase Your Movement (this can be a simple walk)


Health is more than just the number on a scale. Health is emotional too. 


I’ve adopted a habit of going on two Wellness Walks a day.


When you’re outside, and you feel the sun on your skin and the sounds of nature, your mood increases exponentially. It’s so simple to do, and you don’t have to pay a single dime.




Often whenever you feel hungry, you’re just thirsty. Start by drinking 8-32OZ of water.


Hydration helps with metabolism, mood, and all metabolic activity inside your body.


If you want to lose weight, staying hydrated is a MUST.


With temperatures rising, the need for more water and electrolytes is paramount. I use my Thrive Elite BCAA+ to ensure I’m also at maximum hydration.


These three tips are so simple.


Start TODAY and transform your health and fitness FOREVER!💪🏻


❤️ ~ Jay


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