I’m Losing Weight And Saving Money At The Same Time (3 Tips)

Episode 198: I’m Losing Weight And Saving Money At The Same Time (3 Tips) 


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Hello beautiful humans, thank you for listening and supporting the Thrive Forever Fit Show. It truly means the world to me that you take time out of your precious day to listen to me ramble and rant about things I found entertaining, engaging, and meaningful.


In this episode, I answer the question, “where do I start?” Then, I will give you three simple and free (one will even save you money) tips on how you can start losing weight today.


Using myself as an example, I decided to eliminate all unnecessary calories from my daily intake for the month of April. I found myself falling into the habit of eating a protein bar and/or coconut yogurt every single day. Not because I was hungry, but because it became a habit.


This elimination will save me over 15,000 calories for the month of April. Plus, it’s going to save me hundreds of dollars.


I’ve also adopted the new habit of going on two wellness walks every day. Again, listen to the pod, and you’ll understand why I love this new habit.


Lastly, hydration, hydration, hydration, with temperatures rising, the need for more water and electrolytes is paramount. I use my Thrive Elite BCAA+ to ensure I’m also at maximum hydration. Hydration helps with metabolism, mood, and all metabolic activity inside your body.


Tip #1: Eliminate Unnecessary Calories

Tip #2: Increase your movement by 10% (this can be a simple walk)

Tip #3: Hydrate


Listen to the show for the details and strategies I use to make these three simple tips highly effective.


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❤️ ~ Jay


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