Inflammation Is Making You Sick, Dumb And Dead With Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Episode 289: Dr. Tom O’Bryan: Inflammation Is Making You Sick, Dumb And Dead

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Episode 289: Dr. Tom O’Bryan: Inflammation Is Making You Sick, Dumb And Dead


In this episode of The Overweight Mind, we chat with Dr. Tom O’Bryan, who is a renowned functional medicine expert in environmental medicine and a leading voice in holistic health and wellness.


With an impressive career dedicated to uncovering the hidden impacts of environmental toxins on family health, Dr. O’Bryan offers invaluable insights into nurturing healthier generations.


Dr. O’Bryan is considered a “Sherlock Holmes” for chronic disease and holds teaching faculty positions with the Institute for Functional Medicine and the National University of Health Sciences. He is the author of You Can Fix Your Brain and The Autoimmune Fix.


His new docuseries, The Inflammation Equation: Decoding the Steps for Optimal Wellbeing, will be available to stream on March 20, 2024.


In today’s episode, we discuss the critical issue of environmental toxins and their impact on family well-being. In a conversation that promises to be both enlightening and urgent, Dr. O’Bryan will guide you through understanding the unseen threats in our everyday environment and offer practical solutions for safeguarding the health of our families – especially our children.


The prevalence of environmental toxins poses a significant threat to public health, affecting everything from childhood development to adult chronic illnesses.


For example, very few people realize that an average of 186 foreign chemicals are found in the umbilical cords of newborn babies in 2023. Dr. O’Bryan’s expertise lies in explaining these complex issues in an accessible manner, emphasizing the importance of early prevention and education.


His insights are particularly crucial when families are increasingly exposed to various environmental hazards, often without their knowledge.


Dr. O’Bryan’s credentials are extensive. He is the author of several influential books on health and wellness, a frequent speaker at international health conferences, and has appeared in numerous media outlets sharing his expertise.









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