Is Your Mindset Making You Fat? 9 Mindset Hacks For Weight Loss

Episode 293: Is Your Mindset Making You Fat? 9 Mindset Hacks For Weight Loss

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Is Your Mindset Making You Fat? 9 Mindset Hacks For Weight Loss


In this episode of The Overweight Mind, Neuroplasticity and it’s link to successful and lasting Weight Loss.


Neuroplasticity refers to the lifelong capacity of the brain to change and rewire itself in response to the stimulation of learning and experience.


The wiring together of brain cells makes the new behavior feel routine and easier over time. It requires about 10,000 repetitions — translating to a minimum of three months of practice — to develop a new neural pathway and master a new pattern of behavior. This timeframe can fluctuate as each brain is unique.


New science in relation to people being motivated to make changes shows the following data:


People who were part of an accountability group ~ coaching ~ or mentorship program had better results and stayed with the changes longer than those who tried on their own.


The idea that people have to be motivated to start is completely false. Most people who made dietary changes started before they were motivated and built momentum and motivation as they had success.


9 Steps to Retrain Your Brain and Create New Habits That Lead to Sustained Weight Loss


#1. Be Aware of Your Thoughts ~ Thoughts Become Things


#2. Turn Negatives into Positives ~ Reframing ~ challenges = opportunities


#3. Understand What Derails You ~ Pattern Recognition and Reassignment


#4. Create a Personal Mantra ~ Your Mind Works On Frequency ~ The words you speak = you identity


#5. Practice Daily Gratitude ~ Gratitude Grounds You And Minimizes Emotional Decisions ~ you don’t fall into a positive mindset, but you can for sure fall into a negative one ~ you have to MOVE into positivity


#6. Reciprocity Ripple (Boomerang Effect) ~ You Get What You Give ~ You see the world as you are ~ the lens of perspective


#7. Connection to Community


#8. Enhance Your Environment ~ Your Inputs Dictate Your Outcomes


#9. Powerful Daily Routine ~ Discipline : Process : Repeat


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