Is Your Relationship Making You Fat?

Episode 239: Is Your Relationship Making You Fat?


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Have you ever stopped to think about your relationship with food?


Is it healthy, or is it abusive?


Your relationship with food might be the very thing that is making it difficult for you to lose weight and get healthy.


The most common signs of a bad relationship with food are Overeating, Stress Eating, and Obsessing (over-thinking) about food.


Overeating is a common problem that many people face, and it can lead to weight gain, poor health, and an unhealthy relationship with food.


Stress eating, using food as comfort, obsessing about food, and stressing about food are all part of this problem.


Deprivation and starvation diets are often used as solutions to overeating, but they can be detrimental to one’s health in the long run.


Fad diets have become increasingly popular in recent years as a quick fix for weight loss but don’t usually lead to long-term results.


It is important for you to understand your relationship with food and find healthier ways of dealing with stress or emotional issues so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.


In this episode, I offer you a non-dieting solution for repairing and creating a positive and powerful relationship with food.


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