It’s ALL About YOU

The ONE thing standing between you and everything you desire……..wait for it……


I know right, that kinda sucks! Because then who are you supposed to blame?

***See above for the answer***

But, this isn’t all bad news. It’s actually GREAT news.

Yes, YOU are the problem, but YOU are also the solution.

Ok Jay, now what? I’m glad you asked.

Here are three action steps required to become the solution:

1. Take responsibility for your current situation. No more blaming anything or anyone, remember you are responsible.

2. Change your vocabulary. Remove all “victim vocabulary” from your life.

*”This always happens to me.” – Truth: Nothing always happens to anyone. You are being dramatic, stop it.

*”I never___________.” – Truth: This is a limiting belief, and it is not true, you only focus on the one thing that didn’t go your way, and you use the incorrect word “never” to describe it.

3. Think of everything as an opportunity instead of an obligation. When you view life as an obligation, of course, it is going to suck. When you view life as an opportunity everything changes, and you begin to see the beauty in everything and everyone.

Once you begin to implement these three steps into your daily life (yes, daily it’s like going to the gym once isn’t going to do the job) you will begin to see how being the solution in your life is a much better way to live.

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The Overweight Mind