It’s Not A F@#king Diet!

“It’s not a fucking diet!”⁣ 😳

Sorry about using the “D” word so boldly. ⁣

I know that word carries a lot of power and creates negative feelings for most of you.⁣

And rightly so! ⁣

If you’re anything like me and 100% of my clients, you’ve tried a diet or diets and FAILED every single time. ⁣

Why, because that’s precisely what diets are set-up for you to do, FAIL. ⁣

The concept of the “diet” is flawed from the get-go. ⁣

Here are the stages of the diet:⁣

*Bold declaration of new eating pattern with a set start and end date, inset Keto, Paleo, Low-Carb, No-Carb, Dr. ________, Book I read, Internet guy/gal I follow that is super fit, etc…⁣

*Clean out fridge and pantry of all the junk. ⁣

*Go to store spend a boatload of money on a bunch of green stuff you’ll never eat. ⁣

*I Forget, elaborate Facebook/IG post about your new diet that is going to be the one that changes it all for you. Insert #thisismyyear

*10 days later, the green stuff is gross and starting to smell up the fridge, so you throw it away and go to the store to repurchase the junk you threw away ten days before. ⁣

Or something like that. ⁣

This is WHY you will hear me preach and teach that a DIET is not your solution for the situation. ⁣

And this is WHY I created and teach my Thrive Forever Fit Program. ⁣

Thrive Forever Fit is a lifestyle, not a diet. ⁣
Thrive Forever Fit is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. ⁣
Thrive Forever Fit is a lifestyle, not a hack. ⁣
Thrive Forever Fit is a lifestyle, not deprivation and starvation. ⁣

You don’t need someone to tell you that salads are healthier than donuts. ⁣

You don’t need someone to tell you that you shouldn’t get ice cream every night before bed. ⁣

You don’t need someone to tell you that drinking soda and eating candy bars every day is eventually going to make you fat. ⁣

You need someone to support up. ⁣

You need someone to help you with accountability.⁣

You need someone to help you with motivation and inspiration. ⁣

You need someone to believe in you even thou you don’t believe in yourself. ⁣

You need guidance and support, not deprivation and starvation.⁣

You need a lifestyle that allows you to eat everything and anything you like while still staying healthy and fit. ⁣

Healthy and fit don’t have an END DATE, diets do. ⁣

The key to your success is mindful, intelligent eating, accompanied by support and accountability. ⁣

If you’re tired of being on a diet, give me a buzz, send me a DM, get in touch with me somehow, and I will show you how to live forever fit without ever having to use the D-word again.

Thrive Forever Fit Team

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