Jay’s 20 Rules for Being Fit and Healthy

1. Drink a 20 gram protein shake as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning. No excuses! My favorite protein recommendation with a VIP Discount will be at the bottom.

2. Get moving! Schedule yourself a minimum of 30 minutes 4 days a week and get your heart rate elevated. Note: Walking is not exercise. It is how humans get from one place to another. If walking were a form of exercise, we would not have an 80%+ obesity rate in America.

3. Sleep 8 hours a night. Good sleep is vital to your overall health. This is when your body heals and repairs itself. A good sleep cycle will also help you metabolism function better yielding increased weight loss.

4. Drink an 8 ounce glass of water before every meal. Hydrate is the key to absorption and digestion. If you are dehydrated your metabolism slows down and your body doesn’t function at its best.

5. Stop eating fruit! That’s right, no more fruit. The sugar is fruit is killing you and making you fat. You can get all the same vitamins and minerals from low-glycemic non-starchy vegetables.

6. Eat protein at every meal. 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal will enhance your metabolic rate and help keep you burning fat all day long.

7. Don’t drink your calories!

8. Eat 40 to 50 grams of fiber every day.

9. Stop eating from a box or bag. You should be eating fresh protein and vegetables. If it’s in a box it’s bad.

10. If it’s white, don’t eat it. This includes: sugar, potatoes, pasta, rice, flour, etc…

11. Avoid the drive-thru window. If it’s fast food its bad food, healthy food doesn’t get served in a bag and doesn’t come with the option to “super-size”. The only thing getting super-sized is your waist!

12. Start reading labels on everything you eat. If it has words you can’t pronounce, artificial ingredients and a shelf life or more than a week, don’t eat it.

13. Don’t eat anything 3 hours before you plan to go to bed. Going to sleep with a full belly is bad for your sleep quality, your digestive system and your metabolism.

14. Avoid dairy. The only creatures that should drink cow’s milk are baby cows. It’s not made for you.

15. Stop eating gluten. Homework assignment: educate yourself on gluten and the harmful side effects it has on your body.

16. No more artificial sweeteners. These are chemicals that do you harm.

17. Eat small nutrient dense meals. We are over-served and under nourished.

18. Write it down. Start keeping a journal of everything you eat, your exercise, your mood, your thoughts, everything.

19. Schedule one REWARD meal per week. Life is not about deprivation. Remember: Rewards are earned. If you’re eating crappy all week, then you don’t get a reward.

20. Get happy and stay positive. Happy and positive people are healthier and enjoy a higher quality of life.


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