Jordan Romero Reaching His New Personal Record of 24,900 Feet!!!

Before we get into details of the last trek, one of the highlights we wanted to mention was when we met the Chinese team at ABC.  One night Jordan was invited to be a guest of the very prestigious Chinese team for tea. You’ll have to wait for the memoirs for all of the details, but let’s just say you would not have expected the formality and the respect given to Jordan, while here at a dinner tent 21,000ft.  It was a spectacular event and the beginning of a long relationship without a doubt. These men are absolute gentleman and showed the highest respect to our team, as we now do to theirs.

Another highlight….well, let me back up by saying our Sherpa’s are all-stars. 9 Everest summits between the 3, countless other 8000m summits, and some mind-blowing rescue stories made for the big screen.  I say this to give all the respect due.  I came into the dining tent to find Jordan about 2 hours into having tea with Lapka Gelu Sherpa.  Not a household name you might say, but here’s what others say.  He holds the world record for base camp to Summit of Everest and back.  That’s right, world record and he’s here going for his 14th summit. A man with the softest smile and a voice you can’t imagine. After giving 3 truckloads of advice to our team and Jordan, he offers his personal help should our Summit days coincide. This is like Michael Jordan walking into your gym, when you’re a freshman in high school, and offers to personally coach you before the big game. Ok, not the perfect metaphor, but dang close.  What an experience…

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