Ladies, would you ask your husband to…


I asked this question about a week ago to some of my closest friends and I was shocked by the answers I received.


Question: Have you ever “encourage” your guy to lose weight?

A study reported in the American Journal of Health claims that 51% of women have strongly encouraged their significant others to lose weight.

I asked some of my friends if they were part of the 51% and if so how did they “encourage”.


Based on the responses I received I would say that the 51% is pretty accurate.

The tactics used by the people I spoke to ranged from subtle hints to hardcore ultimatums.

Truth is neither of the above carry a very high success rate.

In all my years of helping people get healthy and fit I have found one method that works the best when it comes to encouraging a loved one to lose weight.

Do it together! 

Studies show that people who start a weight loss program together are 70% less likely to quit and 65% more likely to achieve their goal.

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