Late Night Phone Call From Mount Everest!!!

At 11:42pm (PST) I was woken up by the sound of my cell phone ringing!  My first thought was who in their right mind was calling me at this hour.  Normally I would have just let it ring and figured out what the situation was in the morning.  But, something made me get out of bed and answer the call.  I am glad I did!  After saying hello, I heard “hey Jay it’s Jordan calling from Mount Everest”.  Keep in mind that it was 2:42pm in the afternoon at Mount Everest.  Jordan and I talked for about 3 minutes.  He wanted to let me know that they were all doing great.  They had spent the day traveling by bus through very rough terrain and had arrived at the bottom of Mount Everest.  They will spend a couple of days getting adjusted to the new altitude.  Once they are ready they will start the expedition up Everest.  Everyone on Team Jordan was in good spirits.  Jordan wanted to let me know he was taking his perna canaliculus daily.  Most people have a tough time saying perna canaliculus.  I could tell Jordan has been practicing, because he nailed it the first try!  We had a good laugh.  I wished them all the best and let them know we are all thinking of them daily.

I am really glad I got out of bed and answered the phone!  It was great to hear Jordan’s voice and to know that everything is on track!

Team Jordan and the Mount Everest expedition is sponsored Omega XL –

Great HealthWorks, Inc. is the maker and distributor of Omega XL®. Omega XL® is a completely natural superfood made from the oil of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel (perna canaliculus). Omega XL® contains a unique combination of 30 different fatty acids and has shown to improve swelling, stiffness, bronchial tightness, allergy symptoms and pain due to inflammatory related conditions.