Make Good Choices With Marc Zalmanoff

Episode 150: Make Good Choices With Marc Zalmanoff


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In this week’s episode, Marc and I discuss the process and principles of simply making your next best decision on your quest for success.


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A little bit about Marc:


Since 2003, Marc “The Fitness Ninja” Zalmanoff has been helping people live happier, healthier lives through improved fitness, nutrition, and mindset.


Marc has a unique talent for blending science-based fitness & nutrition programming with empathetic coaching to meet people where they are and help them achieve the results that have alluded them for far too long.


Over the years, Marc has realized being a business owner, regardless of the profession, requires an expanding skill set of personal growth, marketing, business skills, and a lot of written words. He knows people often need to hear the right message to be moved to make positive changes in their lives.


Whether Marc is getting clients great results in his gym or online, educating and entertaining the masses on social media, or just spreading joy in the world, he is currently on a mission to Make America Fit Again and help people Make Good Choices!


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