My Go-To Warm-Up & Recovery Sessions To Stay Pain-Free

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You know you’re about to turn 46 when your warm-up is longer than your workout🤷🏽‍♂️


As long as it allows me to train tomorrow, I’ll do whatever it takes!


Here is what I use for my Warm-Up and Recovery Sessions:


  1. Hypervolt ~ by far my favorite piece of equipment. (IYKYK)
  2. Trigger Point Roller ~ also known as your foam roller and a great way to roll out any soreness throughout the body.
  3. Hand roller ~ a micro version of your foam roller that can get deeper into hard to reach areas.
  4. Spiked Ball Roller ~ I take this guy with me whenever I travel.
  5. Pso-Rite ~ if you experience any low back pain, this guy is NECESSARY.
  6. Bands ~ if you experience any lower body tightness, this guy will loosen it up.
  7. Slingshot ~ another great piece of equipment to travel with and help loosen up your upper body.
  8. Thrive Elite BCAAs+ ~ recovery is both external and internal! Make sure you’re taking the cleanest, safest recovery drink there is.


There you have it, team!


Just a “few” pieces of equipment I use to keep this 46-year-old body strong and pain-free.


Make sure you comment below any questions you have on how to recover!


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Health and Happiness,

Jay Nixon


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