Myths About Older Adults and Resistance Training!!!

Many People believe that older adults should avoid resistance training because they may injure themselves.  But the opposite is true!  Properly performed resistance training is crucial for older adults for many reasons.  many older adults (especially those older than age 80) are too weak to get out of a chair, prevent themselves from failing, or engage in simple activities of daily living.  Resistance training has been shown to increase strength dramatically.  When combined with a cardiovascular routine, resistance training will not only improve overall health but also may help prevent fails, improve mobility, and decrease the need of assistance with simple activities of daily living.  The America College of Sports Medicine recommends that older adults perform:

  • at least on set of each of 8 to 10 exercises using major muscle groups
  • sets that involve 10 to 15 repetitions rated as somewhat hard on perceived exertion scales
  • at least two training sessions per week, separated by at least 49 hours

Older adults should consult a qualified exercise physiologist to ascertain whether they have any physical limitations or other situations, such as hypertension or diabetes mellitus, that may require special attention.