Did P90X, Insanity or The latest Diet in a Box Work for You?

Weight loss requires more than a diet and exercise program. Thousands of people fail on cookie cutter diets every day. To truly achieve lasting weight loss you need a combination of different modalities customized to your needs and goals.

Question: How many of you have purchased P90X, Insanity, Diet in a Box or one of the thousands of at home do it yourself weight loss programs?

Answer: I would bet that over half of the people who read this article will raise their hand when asked this question.

The next question and answer is however the real eye opener!

Question: How many of you that said YES to the first question actually achieved the goals you set for yourself when you purchased the product?

Answer: Based on statistics and my REAL LIFE experience asking people this question, the answer will be: Less than 5% of the people who purchase these “do it yourself programs” actually achieve any results at all, much less the goal they had set.

This is not because these programs don’t work or because they are somehow misleading people with their advertisements. The reason they fail is because there is NO support, NO accountability and the person’s mindset has not changed just by purchasing the DVD set.

This same failure rate occurs with diets and cookie cutter nutrition programs. 99% of the diets and nutrition programs don’t give people the tools they need to make true changes to their lives. Most people are handed a piece of paper with a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid. This isn’t a weight loss program! This is a piece of paper that worthless to someone who truly wants to change their life and lose weight.

The nutrition and fitness components of the weight loss program are important, but they are not the most important features of a successful plan. They are just two piece of a very large and complex puzzle. In order to achieve true success with weight loss you need a combination of 5 modalities: Nutrition, Fitness, Support, Accountability and Mindset. If even one of these pieces is missing your weight loss puzzle cannot be completed.

This is what makes my programs completely different than any other weight loss plan available today! I focus on all 5 modalities and I understand how to customize the program to fit your individual needs. I work with clients all over the country and no client has the same needs! Everyone requires different levels of attention in all 5 areas.

Find a Weight loss Experts in the industry that you can actually speak with one on one! I understand that making a change is scary and that you are going to feel anxiety and fear, which is why I make myself available to all my clients. I am here to support you through your weight loss journey and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Together we can accomplish any goal!

Health and Happiness,
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